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Whether you need a minor repair, cleaning, or want to install an entirely new roof, gutter, chimney, UV light, or more, Texan Residential Services can provide you with quality service. Locally owned and provides all phases of installation, repairs, replacement, and maintenance services in the Texas. We pride ourselves on our prompt response time and meeting our customer’s expectations with our
exceptional services. When our men are at work, don’t bother about any hidden charges. We come with upfront prices and will charge you only for the work completed and any materials supplied.

Why Are We A Industry Leader?

We take dignity in serving owners to make the best decision for their residential needs. Also, our skilled team has years of experience working, and they understand your requirement and come up with the best feasible solution.

Our full-service residential company offers extensive experience and proficiency to make any task a smooth procedure. Plus, our educated staff can help you find the right product, warranty, and design for your home.

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Texan Residential Service is one of the most experienced and respected in the industry. We have been transforming the thoughts and dreams of our customers into eye-catching projects.

Almost ten years of experience

Quality and Value to the Projects

Highest Standards in Cost Control

No Payment Until The Project Is Completed

On-Time and on Budget

Insured for your protection

Professional Representatives

Real Focus on Customer Satisfaction

Service, & Quality Work:

No matter what dilemma you have, we can help you in any situation 24/7. Contact us, and we will be there at your place to help you out with our expeditious and professional service at an affordable rate.

Do not feel stressed whenever you get stuck with any unexpected leakage, blockage, repair, and other problem. We will be pleased to help you any time!

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What We can Do
How Much Does A New Roof Cost?
New Roof costs may vary depending on the experience, property size, and countless other factors. Additional items like nails, ventilation, flashing, and labor are all involved in calculating a new roof cost. But be sure you ask your hired company about their insurance and liability before starting the process. If you want proper evaluation, call us today and get a free cost estimate.
What Is The Timeline For The Project?

Most repairs and replacements work are accomplished in a few days. However, there are certain situations, such as hot weather or the rainy season, take a longer time-frame for achievement. At Texan Residential Services, we pride ourselves on outstanding industry standards and delivering our services in the quickest possible time while keeping the highest quality.

How Many Layers of Roofing Can I Put on My House?

Various houses allow having two to three roof membranes. Generally, it depends on the type of roof material used. When you’re just layering over the old roof, keep in mind to inspect the roof deck before and, if required, make necessary repairs.

How Often Should I Clean a Chimney?

According to The Chimney Safety Institute, you should have a chimney inspection and clean by a professional at least one time in a year, even if you rarely use the fireplace. In case you are unsure about chimney cleaning, give us a call, and one of the team members will arrive at your place to inspect and guide you.