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A Damper That Will Enhance Your Chimney!

Do you know what the most vital section of your fireplace and chimney system is? The answer is impossible to determine as there are different parts, and each plays an important role in making your fire experience comfortable and safe.

And in the list, the damper is also a part that the owner usually ignores. But the reality is, every home needs a damper to prevent heating and air conditioning from escaping your home. Assemble the damper in your fireplace and ensure it stays closed when there is no fire in the fireplace. It is therefore important to keep the damper in good condition.

If your damper becomes damaged or starts to leak due to wear and tear or other issues, you can call Texas Residential Services to inspect your Chimney so that you have a better experience all winter.

We can also install a beautiful chimney register system in various shapes, sizes, and finishes, providing the protection and functionality of a cap and damper. You will also get adequate protection for your chimney system against rain and damage caused by the water entrance. In addition, you will be protected against intrusions from birds, bees, and animals.

Don’t know what you want? Our experts can help you choose a damper system that will provide all the protection and function you need and the appearance and style you desire for your home.

Types Of Dampers Systems Available For You

There are different types of dampers:

  • Throat dampers
  • Top-sealing dampers
  • Wood Stove dampers

Advantages of Having Chimney Damper System

The damper is designed to keep the warm air in your home heated inside and the cold air outside when you are not using your fireplace, which is why it is vital to keep your damper closed while the furnace is out of order.

In short, your damper performs many important functions, all of which affect your comfort, safety, and health. If it is broken or missing, it can be damaging to the entire chimney system.

  • More efficient heating and cooling
  • Prevent animals and other debris from entering your home by going down the flue
  • Prevent rainwater and moisture from entering your home
  • The smartest, most economical ways to improve your chimney system
  • Serves both as a chimney damper and cap
  • The damper controls the flame and helps keep your family safe.

But due to water damage or smoke build-up on the shelf, old chimney registers often do not open. If you also have the same problem and want it to work properly, contact Texan Residential Services Today. We will provide you with a free estimate, and our team will come to your door for inspection.

Signs Your Damper Need Replacement or Repairing Services

The damper is merely a section of the chimney system that helps to close or open the vent. We’ve listed a few signs here that your shock may need some attention:

  • Have smoke problems
  • Broken shock absorbers
  • Having trouble keeping your fire alight
  • Notice the cold drafts
  • Incorrect operation
  • Difficult to open and close

The common problems mentioned above indicate exactly that your Chimney needs inspection and comprehensive services. Even if your fireplace is not regularly used, you should hire professionals to make sure your fireplace components function properly.

At Texan Residential Services, we use well-known products to offer high-quality services to customers for all their chimney damper and other requirements. We fix chimney caps, dampers, liners, vent covers, and other chimney products.

Our Business Is Grounded In:

  • We protect your Chimney from top to bottom with a top-sealing damper.
  • A certified chimney sweep can quickly diagnose a chimney problem and plan repairs accordingly.
  • Our team also provides customers with a must-have maintenance guide and is here to help you get any repair or maintenance work done quickly.
  • The company offers affordable 24/7 services for people with different budgets.
  • We will offer a guarantee on our work and keep in touch with you for any future service.
  • We provide the best chimney repair, cleaning, and installing services in and around Texas.

Is It Time To Replace Or Repair Your Damper?

Make an online appointment with us today, and we can install a damper system on your Chimney instantly and effectively. We also inspect the damper if you have any problem with your already installed damper. However, the Damper System is an important component and helps keep your family safe, conserve energy, and lower your utility bills.

If you’re ready to upgrade your fireplace and save some money on utilities, contact Texas Residential Services. Our certified professionals can help you decide which damper is best for your Chimney and take care of the installation quickly and professionally. You can also fill out our “Send Message” form with your contact details, and our expert will get back to you with a solution within 30 minutes.

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