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Caps play a vital role in making your fireplace and chimney system functioning properly. It also acts as a protector for oft-overlooked entrance points, which prevent rain from entering the Chimney. Not just that, but there are other reasons, including: Chimney Caps Replacement

  • Preserves animals out of the home
  • Lessens the risk of a chimney fire
  • Throw smoke out from the house
  • Prevents the Chimney from inside from building up of debris.

Chimneys are also referred to as stimulus arrestors as it stops any sparks or lit residues from traveling and landing on the roof and possibly catching fire. Finally, caps are smart enough to let toxic things like smoke, heat, carbon monoxide, creosote, and other byproducts of combinations escape from the home.

When the cap is doing so much for you, it is generally damaged after a certain period, and you need to get it replaced. Installing the new cap will save you big time in the future and ensure your family’s safety and prevent various damages caused by water or pests.

However, with Texan Residential Services, you will get a better deal. You will find a high-quality chimney cap at cost-effective rates. We do not provide the chimney caps replacement service, but other wide ranges of services include cleaning, repairing, installing, maintaining, and more.

Apart from this, Texan Residential Services’ technicians have over ten years of experience and are certified to provide solutions for chimney-related problems at an affordable rate.

Common Chimney Cap Problems

Chimney caps that have suffered minor damage can often be repaired. The Texan Residential Services team can repair your chimney cap if it has started to loosen or warp. We can also remove creosote buildup from the mesh sides to ensure they continue to perform as intended. Some problems require the installation of the new chimney cap. You should plan to replace it if any of the following occur:

Chimney Caps Replacement

  1. The ever-changing wet and windy weather in Texas can rust chimney caps. It can not only cause structural degradation as well as stress on the Chimney and roof.
  2. Often, chimney caps disappear because of the wind or just because they are rotten. It is accordingly necessary to take care of its maintenance.
  3. On stormy days, due to the wrong direction the chimney cap got damaged, which can cause downdraft. In other words, the wind will come down to the fireplace, which will throw the smoke back into your home.

Here we have listed only a few issues, but there are more. So, if there are any signs of such issues or you feel that the chimney cap is not doing its job well, it is time to seek professional help.

However, Texan Residential Services is a local business and believes in offering high-quality techniques and justifiable services at reasonable values. If you require to invest in a new chimney cap for your home or if you are looking for other chimney services, complete the “Send Message” form, and our customer representative will get back to you as soon as possible.

Trust Our Chimney Cap Experts

Chimney caps can be completely modified to fit exact chimney designs, but there are also various sizes, shapes, and styles of manufactured chimney tops. So, whatever style you select, Texan Residential Services are available 24/7 for chimney inspections and any other needs you may have regarding your home’s ventilation systems. 

Our business is licensed, insured, and bonded. In addition, we know what our customers expect from the services we provide. Finally, our staff have many years of experience in fireplace maintenance services and provide prompt service in Texas.

If you want to get the benefits of all these services, all you have to do is to call Texan Residential Services today!


Chimney Repair

Texan Residential Services can meet all of your chimney needs, including repairing the many types of damage that can be found in the chimney system.

Chimney Cleaning

Our trained technicians focus on removing creosote and any other blockages that may be lurking in your chimney system.

Chimney Installation

Texan Residential Services certified chimney specialist has the proper knowledge to install all types of chimneys. You can also have a chimney installation that meets your specific needs.

Chimney Damper system

Prevent unconditioned outside air and exclusively heated air from going up your Chimney. Easy to install Chimney Damper makes your home a warm and cozy place for you and your loved ones.

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