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Get Superior Quality Siding Installation & Repair Services 

Installing siding is an amazing way to upgrade the value of your house. Siding adds a touch of class to your home; however, there are certain factors that you should consider before deciding to get a siding installed. The foremost factor is to choose the best siding installation service provider in your area.Siding Installation & Repair


House owners that have siding installed already and have issues in their siding look for repair services. You have to use siding repair services when you find your siding loosening. Loose siding will damage the wood within. The wood may rot, or moles may develop in the presence of moisture.


Texan Residential Services has superior quality service and siding solutions for you. Our staff is endured and well trained with the latest technologies. Our staff is also expert in suggesting the right siding material you should use in your house based on various factors. Apart from installation, we also have siding repair services.

Why is siding necessary? 

Siding is an essential part of any house as it saves the house from external damages. In addition, siding adds to the appearance of your home and helps save the wood from rotting. Here we discuss some of the benefits that siding offers to homeowners. 


Energy efficient 

Installing siding assists in keeping the house insulated and warm. The siding layers prevent the cold, mean winds from entering the house, and maintain the temperatures inside. In addition, we use insulation and house wrap seals while installing the siding in your house. The use of these insulators seals any air leak areas and saves energy. As a result, people have witnessed a dramatic drop in their monthly energy bills. 


Adds versatility

Sidings are available in different materials and colors. You can choose from a wide range of designs, colors, and textures. There are several options available to pick from. If you have any classic themes in mind, you will surely get something to match your theme. You can even choose to change the outlook of your house when you decide to replace your sidings. Use different designs every time you replace them. 



Money spent on durable items is never a waste. Pick your preferred siding from us, and it will be durable. Additionally, you can save money by choosing us as your installation service provider. We have the most reasonable installation and repair prices in and around Texas. 


Low maintenance

Sidings are low maintenance in comparison to paint, especially vinyl and fiber cement sidings. Therefore, even the repair costs on sidings are very little. This means that you have nothing to worry about the exterior of your house; instead, you can relax. 

When do you need to fix your siding? 

Look for the following signs that indicate your siding needs a repair:

  • When you discover holes and punctures in your sidings after a heavy rainstorm or hail storm, it indicates that you need to repair your sidings. Different material sidings showcase additional damages that indicate a repair is needed. For example- a vinyl siding will have a broken section. 
  • If you notice the wood rotting and nest in any section of your siding. 
  • If there is any visible fungus development.
  • When you notice any structural faults such as loose siding. 


It would help if you always got your siding repaired and replaced whenever needed. If the damaged siding is left unattended, it can cause major damage to your house walls. Apart from increasing the energy bill, it will also diminish the outlook of your house.

Siding services at Texan Residential Services

We at Texan Residential Services provide the most professional installation and repair services for siding. Our workers are well trained and hired based on experience. They are equipped with the latest technology tool kit to ensure the best service quality to our customers. In addition, we have trained the workmen to work with their safety gear.


The services are as under:

  • Siding repair
  • Siding replacement
  • Siding installation
  • Siding maintenance
  • Variety of sidings available


We believe that service should be in the best interest of the house owners; therefore, we offer discount coupons. You can claim siding services at discounted prices using these coupons. Our siding experts are also available for inspection and suggesting the best siding material for your house. You can reach us through our website, and our representative will contact you at the earliest to schedule the house visit time.

Need siding solutions? Get in touch with Us. 

If you want to enhance the appearance of your house and need cost-effective siding solutions, then connect with us. Our team of expert employees will visit your house and scrutinize it. Then, they will suggest the best solution for your sidings. If the siding can be improved and fixed by simple repair, they will stick with it.


You do not need to bother about the prices, because we offer reasonable solutions with a warranty on our services. Connect with us using the Send Message button on the webpage, and our team will contact you at the earliest. 


Whether you need to repaint your existing fence or install a new fence, we are at your service. We have solutions for all your fencing needs.


We can help you in restoring your existing countertops and even install new countertops for you. Contact us to get the latest designs installed at affordable prices. 





Replace or repair your old windows with new designs to keep a check on your energy bills. At Texan Residential Services, we provide new window installation services. 



We have various kinds of floorings available to match your needs. In addition, the expert workmen are equipped with the latest tools to provide quality service to our customers. 




Our Business is Grounded in:

  • Our company is available 24/7 for help. 
  • The staff is trained and uses the latest equipment.
  • You can connect with the expert and clarify all your doubts before finalizing the services. 
  • If any additional repair work is needed, the staff will inform you beforehand and pursue it with your permission. 
  • We believe in customer satisfaction; therefore, we take every possible step to provide quality service to you. 

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