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Hire The Best Wall Painting Services in the Texas region

Looking to repaint the walls of your outdated house? It’s time to decorate your interior and exterior walls with a colourful design and give it a personalized touch. At Texan Residential Services, we offer you several wall painting ideas and help you bring walls to life with your imagination.Painting Walls (Interior & Exterior)


If you want your walls to stand out, you can trust us. We use unique designs and let your creativity run naturally. Our painters also help you choose the hues that create excitement and give a revitalizing vibe to your room. Keep in mind, our cost for the wall painting service depends on several factors such as the area to be painted, the complexity of the designs, the cost of the paint you choose, etc.

Signs You Need To Repaint your Home

Do you know when the exact time to repaint the walls in your house is? No right! To help you out, we’ve mentioned few signs:


  • Fading Paint
  • Outdated Paint
  • Crack and Damaged Walls
  • Stains and Mold
  • Water Damage
  • Need a Change
  • Chalking
  • Planning to Sell Your Home
  • Lack of Appeal


However, it is an owner’s dream for their home to be beautiful and comfortable. And when it comes to appearance, the paint is the first thing to consider. So, whether you need a new coat of paint or want to embrace new design trends, Texan Residential Services can dramatically enhance the beauty of your space.

Our Painting Procedure

Painting a wall is an exciting task, but it can be overwhelming. Since it’s not only about choosing the right colour or the right house painter for the job, you also need to consider your family’s safety, the products you use, and more. This is where we come in! With us, you can be assured and will have a safe and great experience! To give you a better idea of our working, here is our painting process:


Step 1: Schedule an appointment

Fill in our online form “Send Message” with all the necessary details, and our customer executive will get back to you as soon as possible.


Step 2: Visit your place

We send our expert painters to your place for inspection, estimation, and discussion about your requirements.


Step 3: Selection of the colour

We will help you identify the colour, the finish, and the type of paint according to your desires.


Step 4: Work Day

After finalizing everything, the next day, we begin with our work. First, we cover the furniture and floors to protect them from paint. Then prepare the surface and fill the holes and cracks. Also, we use advanced tools for painting to get best in class finish.


Step 5: Apply New Paint

Our painters then start applying the finest quality paints for a uniform finish. The finishing time will vary depending on the size of the job, but we always ensure to work as quickly and efficiently as possible.


Step 6: Site Handover

Once the site is ready, we will carry out a cleaning and disinfection service for the house after painting and explain how to take care of your walls.


What are you waiting for? Contact Texan Residential Services today!

Types of spaces to paint

Whether you are looking to paint your interior or exterior space, our highly trained and skilled painters always do their best to meet all of our customers’ needs. We place great emphasis on preparation and superior quality resources applied with hi-tech. However, you can hire us for:


  • Bedroom 
  • Bathroom 
  • Kitchen 
  • Living Room 
  • Hallway 
  • Dining
  • Garage
  • Basement
  • Entryway, and more


We can also paint different surfaces: doors, windows, mouldings, cabinets, and more. However, depending on the rooms you choose to paint, we use different finishes suitable for those spaces.

Benefits of Painting Walls

Various reasons show you why painting your home is so important. Here are a few of those reasons:

  • Enhance Aesthetics Value
  • Attractive Exterior and Interior
  • Increase Property Value
  • Environmental Protection
  • Better Air Quality


Wall painting is the cheapest, easiest, and fastest way to improve the overall appearance of your home. It is therefore very important to paint your house through professional painters. 

Ready To Enhance The Look Of Your Home? 

No matter what your painting is, we are always there for help. We assist our customers to choose the right shade for their homes. You can also check out the wide range of gorgeous colours and conventional colour schemes that we have used for our previous clients. In addition, our painting experts offer an attractive way to create inspirational paintings for your favourite ideas. So, you can keep all your colour ideas in one place.


Lastly, Texan Residential Services is a one-stop-shop for your wall painting needs. Here you only get the gorgeous look without losing the comforting feel of the room.

Interior Painting

When it comes to painting the interior of your home, we offer transparent, efficient, and cost-effective solutions. We use the right wall paint to transform the look and overall style of your home!

Exterior Painting

Our team tries to make your exterior elegant and elite. We paint your walls with warm, nude shades on the outside, which can complement the luxury they contain.





Leaky walls and squeaky doors are quite irritating. Choose Texan Residential Services for all your waterproofing solutions. We make your home completely weatherproof.


Drywall Repair

If you require drywall repair or are looking for professionals to repair your damaged wall, the Texan Residential Services team is there to help you and create a crisp surface to paint on.




Our Business is Grounded in:

  • We have a team of professionals that ensures every project is completed on time and within budget.
  • We are available 24X7, and you can rely on them for emergency services.
  • Our experts provide competent residential service and leave you with something appealing.
  • The company uses all the latest equipment and tools and arrive at your home when you call us.

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