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The fireplace is a significant functional part that creates a warm and cozy feel on cooler days. But due to regular use, Creosote starts to build and stick inside the fireplace, making blockage in it.Fireplace Cleaning

So, please don’t wait until it’s too late. Whether you have a wood or brick fireplace, stay safe and healthy by getting your fireplace cleaned frequently. Avoid adopting DIY methods and hire professional services to ensure your family and property’s complete safety. It also fixes the minor issues that homeowners generally ignore but can be dangerous in the future.

Moreover, if you want the durability and safety of your fireplace, give us a call to take good care of it. At Texan Residential Services, our professional staff conduct required repairs carefully by matching the interior and design of your fireplace to allow the customers the perfect repair.

We use state-of-the-art cleaning techniques and high-quality products, including stain removers, vacuum cleaners, thinner and sponges, and more, to give your fireplace a look that suits your needs. Our experts can even repair almost invisible damages to all kinds of fireplaces, whether they are traditional or up-to-date architectural designs.

Why is fireplace cleaning important?

Having a fireplace is a delightful feeling, but safety is always a priority. So, with the cleaning and maintenance of the fireplace. Your furnaces are required to be clean periodically for the safety of you and your family to use for years to come. Fireplace Cleaning

There are other reasons that one should hire a professional company for fireplace cleaning purpose, they are as follow:

  1. A poorly functioning fireplace starts throwing carbon monoxide gas which is dangerous for health. So, it is crucial to inspect and fix any problems you feel with the processing of your fireplace as soon as possible.
  2. Sometimes due to the building up of Creosote, the fireplace exhaust vents block and make it difficult for the smoke to escape, which can further cause damage to your health. Hence, it’s time to get repairs and intensive cleaning from the professionals.
  3. Another reason can be a failure with the gas burner. Due to various debris or dust particles in the fireplace, the gas line can stop the burner from igniting. In such cases, hiring a professional to clean the fireplace will give you peace of mind. 

However, if you want your fireplace to keep functioning properly and the air quality remains good, it is necessary to have your furnace examined and cleaned. Fireplace cleaning is not something you should do yourself. Rather you can have help from Texan Residential Services. 

We use high-quality brushing and strong vacuum techniques that clean your fireplace systematically. There is no mess or fuss; it’s our guarantee! Due to safety concerns, we clean the fireplace from inside and out, and the results will be satisfactory.

When Should You Have a Fireplace Cleaning Service Done?

If you are using your fireplace daily, a yearly cleaning is recommended, or if you have a gas fireplace, it is advisable to have service once every 3 – 5 years, which is sufficient. It is unless you notice a problem with the functioning of your fireplace.

Per National Fire Protection Association Standard 211, it is important to have your fireplaces inspected at least once a year, even if you are not using them regularly.

However, Texan Residential Services is trustworthy and licensed to serve its clients in the Texas area. With a team of qualified professionals, the company aims to provide you with the best help.

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Breathe easy with our fireplace professionals at Texan Residential Services. We endeavor to provide excellent customer service with professional-grade services to keep your system running smoothly.

Our chimney cleaning cost varies depending on the size of the project. So, give us a call and get a free quote. We can discuss your needs and come to your home for an inspection.

 We look forward to helping you protect your home and family with our comprehensive fireplace and fireplace cleaning services.

Fireplace panel replacement

We thoroughly inspect your fireplace and catch the little things you may not notice. It can help you to detect if you need a Fireplace panel replacement or not.

Fireplace Maintenance

Just like any household appliance, fireplaces need to be serviced regularly for everything to be working properly. So, we are here to assist you with Fireplace Maintenance!

Fireplace Installation

If you want to install a fireplace in your home, get in touch with us and see how speedily and cost-effectively we install the fireplace of your desires.

Fireplace Repair

Our experts do great fireplace repairing services without leaving any area messy behind so you can enjoy a burning fire without worry about your loved ones.

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  • We assist as a one-stop solution for your needs, including inspecting, cleaning, repairing, seeping, replacement, and more.