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Quality services for wall and sheetrock repair

As homeowners, you are generally not prepared for wall and sheetrock damages. Waking up to a damaged wall or sheetrock is frustrating, especially when you do not know how to repair them.SheetRock and Wall Repair


Drywalls are easily damaged because they are not resistant to impact. As a result, you might face cracking joints, tapes coming off, damaged corners, etc. Drywalls are easier to install and even are cost-friendly. However, it is necessary to fix the walls properly. Or else, it might cause joint wall problems in the later stages. Though these damages frustrate the homeowners, it is good news that they can be repaired.


We, at Texan Residential Services, are here for you. We have licensed and qualified employees who are well trained in repairing drywall damages. After the repair, your walls and sheetrock will look new.

What are the causes of drywall damages?

Drywall damages are a nightmare for homeowners. Drywall is a multipurpose wall that can be cut and fit into any size and shape. However, drywalls are very heavy and fire-resistant. But they are not resistant to water which can cause damage to the drywall at your home. There is not one but many causes of drywall damages. 


Plumbing leaks

As we know, drywall is not water-resistant. Therefore, water is one of the foremost reasons that cause damage to drywall at your home. You need to keep a regular check on your plumbing pipes. If there is an unresolved leak in the plumbing pipes, it can cause heavy damage to your drywall. You might find your drywall bulging someday. Do not ignore that sign and get your plumbing pipes and drywall repaired from us. 


Poor Installation

Poor installation is another reason for drywall getting damaged. Some contractors use fastening tapes to join the sheetrock. However, drywalls start to bow as the tape deteriorates. Prolonged bowling can further damage the walls. Cracks might show up on your walls. 


When you witness pins and nails popping out of your walls, it is an indication that the installation is poor. So be aware and hire us to provide you with high-quality installation and wall repair services at affordable prices. 



Sometimes little things cause the most damage. Similarly, a crack could land you in big trouble if not handled in time. Generally, cracking happens on the ceiling wall. Call us, and we will send a well-trained drywall expert who will inspect and repair the crack for you. If the wall needs a complete inspection, the employee will let you know and evaluate the wall to prevent further damage. 



High humidity causes a lot of drywall damage. The moisture from the air settles into the wall from the pores of the paint. Even when you have proper air conditioning at home, the constant high humidity will result in the walls absorbing the mixture. As a result, the drywall will start to crumble. The crumbled wall will not be able to hold any weight because of the moisture. You might want to get the crumbled walls repaired and repainted by our drywall experts.

Services You Can Take Benefit Off

Our vision is to implement the best quality services in Texas and nearby areas. We have hired experts with the most advanced training and knowledge in sheetrock and wall repair. Our drywall experts will visit your house and understand the issues. Then, they will inspect the walls and sheetrock to diagnose the areas of issue and repair them accordingly.


Our staff is equipped with hi-tech kits to resolve any damages to the wall. They have safety gear and procedural kits with them to ensure quality service to our customers. Following are the services that we extend in wall repair:


  • Wall repair
  • Wall and sheetrock inspection
  • Sheetrock and wall maintenance
  • Drywall installation
  • Drywall painting
  • Repairing tile removal damage
  • Termite damage repair assistance


Our services are not confined to the ones mentioned above. Instead, we have workmen who can suggest you sheetrock and walls for your home. The suggestions are based on the condition of your house and the building material used. The wide range of services that we provide ensures that you do not have to visit different places. Instead, you receive a one-shop stop solution with us. We have expert solutions for every drywall damage issue, from termite damage to filling the hole created on the wall.

Contact Us to know more about Services and Prices

Get in touch with us to schedule an inspection for your drywall and sheetrock. The experts from our team will reach your house and scrutinize the damaged wall. They will then suggest the required corrective action and repair procedure to fix the problem. The repair treatment will also include the prevention of any further damage to the walls. 


You can reach us through our official website and click on the Send Message option. Then, you will fill up a query form, and a representative from our team will contact you to schedule the visit time. We also provide service coupons to our customers to avail of our services at discounted prices. 

Wall Installation

We understand the importance of proper wall installation, so we have hired experienced workers from this field to provide sheetrock and wall installation services to our customers.

Sheetrock and Wall Maintenance

We provide wall maintenance services to prevent any damages to the walls. Our workers use advanced machines to check and resolve the issues in the walls. 




Drywall Painting

To intensify the look of your home, we provide drywall painting services. We are just a call away to repaint your walls at the most affordable prices. 


Wall repair services

The sheetrock walls at your home can get damaged over time because of various factors. To solve this, at Texan Residential Services, we provide complete wall repair solutions at minimal prices with a warranty. 




Our Business is Grounded in:

  • We are licensed service providers in the Texas region. 
  • Our workmen are well trained and equipped with hi-tech kits to provide quality service to our customers.
  • When you request a service from us, the experts reach your doorstep at the earliest. 
  • We provide 24/7 services to our customers.  
  • Our team has workers who are experienced in this field and always provide the right help. 
  • We take every reasonable step to ensure that our customers get the best services possible

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