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Remodel the Place You Love to Cook

Are you planning to have a dinner party in your house where your friends and family will gather in the kitchen? The kitchen is the heart of the house, so this central space must be inviting and personalized to satisfy the special needs of your lifestyle.


Confused, isn’t it! Don’t worry, and we’re here to help! Remodelling can be an intimidating process, but whatever your remodelling desires, our experts can effectively bring your transitional, traditional, or modern kitchen remodel to reality! No matter the budget and size of your kitchen, we can effectively improve its beauty, functionality, and storage at a reasonable cost.


At Texan Residential Services, we use different design elements and trends to create the perfect, consistent space that is both comfortable and stylish. However, we know every kitchen is unique and requires a specific vision. So, allow us to help provide you with a seamless cooking experience at a fair price and enhance your lifestyle.

Reasons to Remodel Your Kitchen

The kitchen is not a normal place where you cook or eat, but it’s more than that. It is a spot where your friends and family members sit together and have quality time besides, where you can enjoy your midnight snack discussions and so on. However, here we have listed some reasons to consider Remodel Your Kitchen from professionals:


  • Improve Functionality 
  • Upgrade to Meet Your & Family’s Needs
  • Eliminate Inconvenience
  • Advancement to Fit Your Style
  • Upsurge Energy & Water Savings
  • Boost Property Resale Value


Whatever your reason for remodelling your kitchen, if you are looking for a one-stop shop for all your kitchen and bathroom remodelling needs, you have come to the right place. You can contact us or fill out our “Send a message” form today, available on our official website. We have 10+ years of working experience, and you can trust our work.

Kitchen Remodelling Services

No matter what your kitchen remodel budget is, our experts can help! Here are our kitchen remodelling services which you can get benefits of:


  • Floor and countertop installation
  • Custom kitchen islands
  • New sink and backsplash installation
  • Cabinet installation


Our professionals are knowledgeable and skilled in many different areas of kitchen remodelling. They can easily fit into your daily routine and minimize interference with your household. Moreover, they take necessary measures to keep dust and debris away from spreading to other areas of your home. However, hiring us can benefit your health and comfort! So, please don’t wait for the right time; hire us to help you quickly!

Design Process to Create Your Dream Kitchen

At Texan Residential Services, we follow a specific kitchen remodel procedure that helps streamline your ideas and classify a design that practically suits your requirements. Our kitchen remodelers meet with you to determine what you are planning for your new kitchen and ask you questions about remodel


When you agree on basic design, we re-measure your space to make sure we have the right measurements for your wall cabinets, countertops, backsplashes, refrigerators, and anything else that needs to fit into the space. Then start to solidify the layout of the kitchen according to the space limitations.


Once the overall layout and design are finalized, we discuss the details with you again. Moreover, advise you on the best details to accentuate the overall look of the space.

Need any unique ideas for the kitchen to remodel?

Whether you are thinking to build a new kitchen from starting or remodelling your existing kitchen to give it a new look, the team at Texan Residential Services can meet your needs. We inspire you with creative ideas and make sure that you are fully satisfied with the result.


We are ready to listen and start a conversation on your remodelling requirements instantly. We can help you remodel your home from modern chic to traditional by creating a kitchen that reflects your personality and mood.


But before you jump into meeting another service provider, make sure you have a rough estimate from us, then move on.


Kitchen cabinets

Our specialists will assist you in picking the best cabinet style that fits your needs and budget. In addition, we improve the storage capacity and door profiles of your kitchen wall and base cabinets.

Kitchen counters

We have endless styles and countertop materials available for your complete kitchen remodel. On top of that, we have affordable, space-saving countertops that will meet your requirements for a small kitchen remodel.



Kitchen floors

Our contractors are licensed, well trained, and insured to install the most suitable flooring in your kitchen. We also consider safety, cleaning requirements, prices, and your unique lifestyle when selecting the best kitchen flooring material for you


Sink and faucet

At Texan Residential Services, our experts will find the right material for your sink and faucet that will exactly suit your countertops. Plus, they will be strong enough to withstand your high-weight kitchen manoeuvres.



Our Business is Grounded in:

  • Our coordinator will help you choose the flooring, cabinets, countertops, backsplash, lighting, and plumbing items so that the kitchen has a cohesive design.
  • We work on your schedule for your convenience and are available 24/7 at your service.
  • Our expert designers understand every family member’s need and how they use their kitchens differently.
  • We offer an array of residential services to support you throughout the remodelling process, from design to completed projects.
  • We are a local business and value our reputation and are committed to providing only the best service.

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